Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark.

Hi all,
My first adventure this month, July 2009, was an Idaho State University Class which spent 4 days in Montana, exploring the trails and learning of the expeditionary team of Lewis and Clark.
We met at the Travelers Rest near Lolo Montana.
After touring the nice little museum and grounds where L+ C camped, we were off to look for signs of their passage and the Nez Pierce trails and history.
We saw trees peeled by the Nez Pierce to get the cambium layer which provided some nourishment in the Winter. The fishing weirs built by the natives to harvest salmon were still discernible being built from rock.
Rock cairns, old camps and lots of new flaura to examine. Many learned people in the group made it easy to get questions answered. Very nice !
Click on the pic to go to the flicker set.
The pics are as always small and low quality, so If you need a better photo, just write.
Feel free to add comments or identify plants.
Last week I was in the Frank Church Wilderness for a week working on the Warm Springs PIT project.I'll be posting that adventure in a day or two.

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