Thursday, January 8, 2009

The slow trip through Winter.

Well Winter is here in all its glory. Hah, the mountain didn't open till late because of lack of snow this yaer. We got the snow just before Christmas and things were good for the holidays.
But now in January, the weather has warmed up and been in the 40's .
Jobs are scarce, and doesn't look good for the immediate future.
C'est la Vie as they say.

Any catching up on this blog, I have a couple pictures of Fall to share before I get to the Winter things.

I repaired the computer, ( 1 of the memory sticks was bad and Micron down in Boise did me good with replacement), after days of troubleshooting.

Then there was the firewood endeavor, which went well.

And a parting shot of when the ground was still brown.
The sheepherders horses hanging out at the headwaters of the Salmon River below Galena Summit.

The Blogfox is still coming around. That's over a year now.

Cya ya'll later. Happy Holidays. Chins up!!