Tuesday, April 1, 2008

48Flicker link figured out

So I got the link to flicker figured now. Stupid me for wasting time trying to do it there way.
Anyhoo, the link to 48 chucks picks links to a flicker account where it turns out I already had an account and had posted concert pics 2 years ago. Huh?
Then I remember signing up at Kodak pic sharing site for a disposable way for me to show the show pics for free which I forgot about. Kodak changed to flickr, and I can now link to any photo I allow to be public domain. But that also allows anybody else to download the photo and use it for any use but commercial. So that makes me wary and will try harder to get back to website revamped. So here's the link to the Chuck's 48 Straight Picks , which at 120 photos,(don't need to look at them all) are 10% edited from all 1200 pics. I'll get them down to 10, you can help with comments. Link to Chuck's sets.

Ciao Y'all