Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lookin out my back door.

 Lunar eclipse? Heck Yah !
   I got up and went outside, it was 4 degrees and breezy, the eclipse had started at 6:30,
and wasn't especially interesting. After going back inside to make coffe, I decided to photograph it anyway.  Right from my living room, out a window. Even from inside, my hands started complaining and I evidently didn't get the focus right. Doh !
But the colors did show brighter, and it was worth it.

  All the times I have photographed the moon, I can't say that I've gotten a good shot yet.

                  I must say, I have the most
                                  interesting back yard.  :C)

  Also, through reading up on this coming eclipse, I found an interesting bit of software
that you might appreciate. It;s called Stellarium, a whole sky interactive viewer.  Put in your own co ordinates to personalize it and enjoy.
Even the satalites, (with names and information), go shooting through the sky.
 Oh yah, and it's free.
  Stellarium.org   should take you there.
  Ciao for now...........