Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still here, slow year. Burning Man)( 2010 Photos

 Well believe it or not I'm still here.
 Dam slow year, not worth complaining about though, lol
 The fox hasn't showed up in months. New neighbors with a large dog chased it away once, then the mange started back and maybe took the little vixen.
 I miss little foxy. Hoping its kits didn't get the mange and survived.  (unlikely though)         :C(

 Well Burning Man was a hoot this year. Cold and wet, then hot and dusty.
 "In dust we trust"
 Forgot my tripod  for the camera this year , so I maxed the ISO and got the shots, but some are noisy/grainy.
 Click the pic to go to the slideshow on flickr.

 So the question is, what to do until next years Burning Man)( ?