Monday, April 20, 2009


Well the Special Olympics didn't need any help.
I also volunteered for helping at the local food bank, to no avail.
But I did get a response from the PIT or "Passport in Time" program.
The project I applied for is a week in the Frank Church Wilderness.
Wilderness = no power tools. They aim to pack our supplies in to rebuild a cabin
in the Warm Springs drainage. Right next to the Shower Bath Hot Springs.
The same one that I struggled to find as the trail is not maintained on the lower stretch since the fire.
That's where I found the cougar that had been killed by the fire and immortalized it with a picture on my website.
Click on the picture to go to the PIT website, click "current projects at the top, and then Idaho to see a current view of the cabin.

Otherwise life drags on here with unemployment reigning.
I've even sent for my college records to see what I need to finish my Forest Fire Science degree.

The snow on the valley floor is about gone, with mud and trail closures next.
The Fox still drops by for a snack in the evenings.
I saw it dig up an egg from a cache under a tree in the snow. ( I don't give it an egg every time it shows up so as not to spoil him)

See ya"ll