Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kitchen Fox

Well the days are filled with work and firewood . The Fall colors are already thinning, and the nights,( or mornings), are right at freezing.
Being near the highway , on Sunday, it's full of firewood haulers, sightseers, and people bringing their boats down from the lakes for the winter.
My main computer went tits up this weekend and I've done all I can to no avail. New Motherboard is the prognosis. Finally got the laptop on my wi-fi net though. A newer wireless adapter lets me go outside with it :C)
Having a couple computers setup helps, but I have no card reader in this one. The latest pictures from this week are in Limbo.
Well I'm off to see what the warranty on that motherboard is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Basin Butte link.

Well it looks like I forgot to add the link to the photo set of Passport in Time.
Click on the picture please.

Passport In Time

Well it's certainly been a while since I posted, but here's some of the latest.

I volunteered for a forestry project called, "Passport In Time".
A group of people met and worked for a week restoring a USFS building, this time it was the Basin Butte Lookout near Stanley, Idaho. Less than an hour from my place. The first day we met at the Stanley museum at 8 am, where I got the deer and Sawtooths shot.
About 12 people from around the US spent a 5 day week at the lookout removing the old catwalk and rebuilding it and refurbishing the structure.
The smoke from fires in California moved in the second day and obscured most of the view.
It made for some colorful sunsets.

I'm still having issues with Flickr since they freely handout our pictures for commercial use.
Haven't seen the Blogfox in a while. With Summer finally here, the human traffic keeps it shy.
The Braun Brothers Reunion was last weekend and the whole family attended and survived.
If I can find more room online for photos I'll post that experience too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

48Flicker link figured out

So I got the link to flicker figured now. Stupid me for wasting time trying to do it there way.
Anyhoo, the link to 48 chucks picks links to a flicker account where it turns out I already had an account and had posted concert pics 2 years ago. Huh?
Then I remember signing up at Kodak pic sharing site for a disposable way for me to show the show pics for free which I forgot about. Kodak changed to flickr, and I can now link to any photo I allow to be public domain. But that also allows anybody else to download the photo and use it for any use but commercial. So that makes me wary and will try harder to get back to website revamped. So here's the link to the Chuck's 48 Straight Picks , which at 120 photos,(don't need to look at them all) are 10% edited from all 1200 pics. I'll get them down to 10, you can help with comments. Link to Chuck's sets.

Ciao Y'all

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, it's a week later. I fed the blogfox, ( that's what I'm calling the critter), and me, and figured out how to post picture albums.
Even with all the flicker bashers in the pro photo scene, I figured I had to start somewhere, and cheap. Until I get up to reworking my own website, , flicker and blogger will work.
And even with all learned in photoshop over the last few weeks, it turns out Irfanview, the tiny, versatile, and FREE program trumped photoshop again.
Now it's down to figuring out how to link the pictures on flicker to this blog, and the ball will start rolling.
Things like uploading 32mb of pictures on 26k dialup can about bring tears to your eyes. no lol

Well winter lingers on here, 6 inches of snow yesterday, below zero at night, and around 32 in the day. "Spring" in Idaho is the worst season, ice and mud.
The blogfox likes raw eggs, carrying them off somewhere, (a den?), and then comes back. It ate a couple of the dog biscuits I had from last year, but then buried the rest in the snow. Must be full or picky. I wish it would eat a few of the cats around here. :C)
Well it's off to flicker to deal with the 120 photos uploaded last night, at least hopefully uploaded,(it took hours) .
It'14 degrees and not snowing at 11 pm 03/30/2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

As I start this blog, we have company watching.
It's been dropping by most evenings to catch a handout.
I'm still editing photos from 48Straight and experimenting with my new wide format printer.
Weather at 8pm mt is 32 and light snow.

Opening Comments

Well all, howdy From Idaho'
I thought I'd try my hand at a blog.
This would eliminate sending zipfiles to everyone.
Maybe I'll get creative writing. ( or at least write, lol )