Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Basin Butte link.

Well it looks like I forgot to add the link to the photo set of Passport in Time.
Click on the picture please.

Passport In Time

Well it's certainly been a while since I posted, but here's some of the latest.

I volunteered for a forestry project called, "Passport In Time".
A group of people met and worked for a week restoring a USFS building, this time it was the Basin Butte Lookout near Stanley, Idaho. Less than an hour from my place. The first day we met at the Stanley museum at 8 am, where I got the deer and Sawtooths shot.
About 12 people from around the US spent a 5 day week at the lookout removing the old catwalk and rebuilding it and refurbishing the structure.
The smoke from fires in California moved in the second day and obscured most of the view.
It made for some colorful sunsets.

I'm still having issues with Flickr since they freely handout our pictures for commercial use.
Haven't seen the Blogfox in a while. With Summer finally here, the human traffic keeps it shy.
The Braun Brothers Reunion was last weekend and the whole family attended and survived.
If I can find more room online for photos I'll post that experience too.