Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woke up this morning to the sound of ........


      Yup, Idaho rain, about 3 inches.
                            After one of the best Indian Summers  one could wish for, the weather has
                           turned, and the six months of Winter have started. The temps are forcasted in the teens for  
                           the next weeks lows.
                           Halloween has always sucked here for trick or treat, as you have to have Winter wear
                          over your costume.

                           And then there was the Idaho style "gridlock" on the highway. I watched these guys run by
                           last week. It reminds me of the local saying, " Idaho, where men are men, and the poor
                           sheep are nervous".
                          They wouldn't be running from the sheepherder, or would they?

                           So Halloween is creeping up on us.
                                  Put on your party gear and let it rip this year.

By The Way, Nothings Burning.