Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, it's a week later. I fed the blogfox, ( that's what I'm calling the critter), and me, and figured out how to post picture albums.
Even with all the flicker bashers in the pro photo scene, I figured I had to start somewhere, and cheap. Until I get up to reworking my own website, , flicker and blogger will work.
And even with all learned in photoshop over the last few weeks, it turns out Irfanview, the tiny, versatile, and FREE program trumped photoshop again.
Now it's down to figuring out how to link the pictures on flicker to this blog, and the ball will start rolling.
Things like uploading 32mb of pictures on 26k dialup can about bring tears to your eyes. no lol

Well winter lingers on here, 6 inches of snow yesterday, below zero at night, and around 32 in the day. "Spring" in Idaho is the worst season, ice and mud.
The blogfox likes raw eggs, carrying them off somewhere, (a den?), and then comes back. It ate a couple of the dog biscuits I had from last year, but then buried the rest in the snow. Must be full or picky. I wish it would eat a few of the cats around here. :C)
Well it's off to flicker to deal with the 120 photos uploaded last night, at least hopefully uploaded,(it took hours) .
It'14 degrees and not snowing at 11 pm 03/30/2008

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